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Apartment room

What is an Apartment Hotel?

The answer to the question: what is an apartment hotel is actually a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments use a hotel-style booking system, but the difference is that guests can check in and out whenever they want. They are more convenient for business travelers because they can have more space than a hotel room, and are often more cost-effective. Read on to learn more about apartment hotel room types and what they offer. After all, the benefits of an apartment hotel room are more than just the space and price.

Serviced apartments are self-catered

Apart from offering you all the amenities of a regular hotel, serviced apartments also offer homely atmosphere. Besides offering you ample space and privacy, they also come with amenities and concierge services. You can also enjoy the advantages of a full kitchen, a well-furnished living area, and access to nearby restaurants and shops. Most online travel sites also offer you apartment bookings. However, you should make sure to book a serviced apartment in advance so you know exactly what to expect.

Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, serviced apartments provide you with an excellent experience. They offer a more personal environment than a hotel room and are perfect for conferences and meetings. They are also ideal for a family or group holiday. While there are many differences between the two types of accommodation, they share common benefits. Let’s find out why serviced apartments are better for business travelers.

They offer more space than hotel rooms

In cramped cities, hotel room size is usually too small to meet the needs of business travellers, while in more expensive and luxurious cities, one can choose a suite with ample space. Apartments, on the other hand, usually feature separate living and sleeping areas. Moreover, they often have more living and working space than typical hotel rooms. Aside from offering more space, apartments also come with additional features like kitchens and dishwashers.

Apartment hotel rooms are similar to standard hotel rooms, but offer more space and better furnishings. For example, an apartment has a separate bedroom and a full kitchen. You can even invite a guest to stay with you in the living room, where you can prepare your own meals. Apart from this, you can also make use of the laundry facilities. Apart from that, an apartment hotel room will cost you less than a standard hotel room.

They are more cost-effective

One big reason why apartments are cheaper than hotel rooms is the amount of space. With an apartment, you will have more space, more autonomy, and a sense of separation from other people. The costs of running a hotel are higher than that of an apartment. For example, hotels have to pay for staff, such as front desk staff, reservations staff, and PBX operators. In addition, they need to purchase linen, ropes, and slippers, which are more costly.

The average price of an apartment hotel room can be halved for a longer stay, making it a more economical option than a hotel room. Some apartment hotel operators also offer shopping services and welcome hampers, helping their customers reduce their living expenses. These units are usually more flexible than open market apartments. There is no guarantee of rental, but there are many benefits. The amenities of apartment hotels are similar to those of hotels, such as a full kitchen.

They are ideal for long-term business travelers

Whether traveling for a week or for months, there are many things to consider when booking an apartment hotel room. A business traveler’s most important priority is location, but it’s also essential to be comfortable. While some long-term business travelers prefer a standard hotel room, others prefer a more comfortable apartment with a more home-like feel. While location is an important factor, other considerations are equally as important, including ease of access to amenities such as laundry facilities, dry cleaners, and a fully equipped kitchen.

While traditionally, business travelers preferred hotel rooms, a recent trend is moving towards a more homelike environment. As many seasoned business travelers know, hotel burnout can set in very quickly. Apartment hotels offer extra space and laundry facilities. Many people who have relocated for work prefer these spaces because they are more convenient and make it easier to recharge in the middle of a day. Listed below are a few benefits of apartment hotel rooms.


3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent Vinhomes Hanoi

Area (60 square meters) with luxurious wooden floor. Room can accommodate up to 3 adults and 2 children (under 6 years old). The interior of the room is inspired by Cham Pa style, in the room is equipped with standard equipment such as mini bar, safe, air conditioning, LCD TV and other items. All rooms have a balcony overlooking the Han River.

Room size: 60 sq.m.

Bed size: Single/Double/Twin bed

No. of Rooms: 05 Rooms


 Separate Bath-tub/Shower.

 Bathroom amenities, Bathrobes

  Smoking room

  Cable TV, TV full HD

  Tea and coffee making facilities

  Mini Bar

  Safe deposit box


  Working desk


  Cosmetic mirror

  Free Wifi


  DD Telephone